Making Memories

I’ve been so hectic lately that I’ve barely had time to slow down and think a clear thought.  Whew!  There’s so much going on and for once, that’s a very good thing! 

I just have to remind myself to slow down every once in a while and take a moment.  A moment to enjoy the kiddos and my family and breath and gah! 

It’s been a great weekend and I’m looking forward to a great week.  Everyone enjoy! 





Still trucking along!

These pushups will be the death of me.  😤  I am trying every trick in the book to progress them but to no avail… *Sigh*

Oh well, I’ll keep on keeping on and eventually, I’ll be able to bust out a gajillion.  I hope.  Lol.

All is well.  School year is approaching it’s end and then SUMMA! 

Still vigorously working out.  Starting to get noticed and comments on the progress and I won’t lie, I’m loving it.  😁😁

Until next time! 







Working my butt off, literally

Man.  So, as some know, I’ve been working hard to get Fit and in shape for future plans and its been a nice, slow and steady process!  I’m working hard, not giving up, eating excellently, etc.. but some things are still giving me trouble.  Like pushups, for instance.  Grrr!!!!

I know that all I can do is keep pushing and grinding and hope the progression speeds up, but it is still frustrating.

Now also..  along with weight loss and inches, I have noticed that I’m losing some of my booty, lol.  Wah!  I guess when things are said and done, I’ll work on beefing it back up just a little :p

Amywho,  so that’s where I’ve been.  I’m still alive and kicking.  Just focusing on my family and myself right now and working hard towards being ready for my plans! 🙂

The photo was taken today, when I realized some of me is missing.  My butt. :(  Bye, butt.



It has been a long time song I’ve written here!  Hellerrrrr.

Life is going well.  The kids are phenominal, as usual.  :)  They have been so busy lately!  All three have finally finished the Georgia Milestones (and aced them, I’m sure) and Ethan has Special Olympics coming up, as well as his National Junior Beta Society ceremony in May.  Hailey has been practicing hard for her talent show coming up.  Just wait until y’all see what she picked to do!  Emily is rocking and rolling on her artsy projects lately and we’ve put together this really cool art box for her.  She is so Indie, it’s awesome.  I’ll post some of her stuff on Twitter.  

This has been an awesome year so far.  I’m having such a blast, enjoying the kiddos and watching them with successes and learning experiences and more.  I’m such a lucky momma. 

I’ve been doing great.  Training, training and more training.  Weeee!  Got myself a nice sun burn going on, lol.  Yipeeee!

Everything else is going smoothly.  Maybe life is finally settling down for us.  Whatever it is, I’m like McDonalds…and Lovin’ it. 

Anywho, I won’t have time to post much but I’ll try and update here and there.  Been extremely busy lately which is great. 

See you guys next time! 

You heard about it… (Flint)

We heard about it.  We felt emotional and worried for them, we talked about it….then it just laid there.

I’m talking about the water crisis in Flint, Michegan.   This problem/crisis is still ongoing and the latest update to Flint Residents is to maintain drinking only bottled or filtered water. 

A family in Flint revealed that their family of 3 uses 151  bottles of water, per DAY.  20-30 for washing dishes, the same to cook with, flushing toilets, brushing teeth, bathing , washing hair and more.  Sounds like a lot…until you realize that the average family uses 100  gallons of water per day.  That equates to over 757  bottles!!!

Many companies are rallying together to offer extremely cheap (next to nothing) bottles of water, meaning your dimes and quarters and pennies could go extremely far for these suffering families!

It’s time we put our money where our mouth is.  Every week, I’m going to recycle my cans/metal/aluminum and donate every bit to the Help for Flint website.  It might not be much, but it will be huge to the family who receives  cases of water, something we take for granted everyday.  I wish I could do more.

I challenge you to bring a lunch this week and donate what you would have spent to helping!  I challenge you to skip out on that energy drink or magazine at the checkout line or quick snack at the gas station and help a family receive water!!!!!

After a lot of research for websites that help Flint directly, the best one I found was Here

Please help the families of Flint have water! 


Selfies can be “Art” …I suppose.

The term “Selfie” has really gone up and running.  Like usual, society as a whole has made the word sound conceited, annoying, a bad thing in general.  Now, the duck lip bullsh*t and trashy selfies, I get those being bad.  I can understand generalizing them into a category that’s less than glamorous because ugh…

But self photos that depict a feeling or emotion or show someone feeling confident on a good hair day, those can be wonderful!  That’s art!  Meaningful!

So, I’ve taken a few, just to see how fartsy artsy I can get…and don’t worry, I saved my best, most meaningful and emotional selfie for last.  See below.  Lol.


and then there’s…


Now heres the real artsy and emotional one.  Ready?


Hope you enjoyed! 😀